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Booth Production Services was founded in 1990 by Dan Booth, former head of broadcast production for a major advertising agency in the Southeast.  Mr. Booth brought with him a wide range of production experience in advertising and marketing, including work in New York and Hollywood.

 For over a decade, Booth Production Services, Inc, has provided a variety of creative and production-related services to corporations, government agencies and charitable organizations.

 In the course of these productions, we have interviewed the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and the heads of government agencies, worked with celebrity presenters and trained animals, and employed a wide variety of production techniques, such as aerial photography, Steadicam, computer graphics, news footage and stock cinematography.

 Our work has included video production in Europe and South America, Mexico, Canada and across the United States.

 Projects have involved a broad range of subject matter, including highly technical fields like computer program development, complex business concepts such as yield management, anti-narcotics interdiction programs, and large capital campaigns for historic preservation.