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Client Listing

       Art & Entertainment Networks SUBWAY: Empire Beneath the Streets ***

       BB&T Business Banking

       BB&T Smart Money Manager

       BB&T Student Initiative

       BB&T Survivor

     Central Carolina Bank On-Line CD ROM

       Clemmons United Methodist Church Follow the Carpenter Capital Campaign I

       Coyne Beahm Advertising Greater Greensboro Open

       Coyne Beahm Advertising, RJR Winston Select

       Coyne Beahm Advertising, RJR- Retail Compliance Video

       Defense Threat Reduction Agency DTRA On The Point ***

       Doggett Advertising Jasper Textiles

       Fly/Fisher Marketing NC High School Athletic Association Capital Campaign  ***

       Fly/Fisher Marketing, Battleship North Carolina Operation Ship Shape ***

       Grass America Elements of Style

       Gravely International 3 Videos

       Gravely International TV Commercial

       Integon Corporate Communications Integon New Employee Orientation

       Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts Radio Commercials

       Levelor Corporation Levelor Headquarters Introduction

       Long Haymes & Carr, Burlington Industries Lees for Life

       Long Haymes & Carr, The Nashville Network Photo Fake-out Sales Promotion

       Long, Haymes & Carr Thomasville Furniture TV campaign

       National Business Travel Association   Flying on the Edge ***

       NBTA, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels Wings of Change

       NC Community Development Initiative Initiative and Hope

Client Listing


       Nomus Interiors Sales Meeting presentation

       Osteodyne Corporation HPS X-Ray Placement video

       Pike & Cassels Advertising  The Daily Reflector - 3 commercials

       Planters/Lifesavers Corporation   1969 1994 Sales Video

       Ralph Simpson & Associates Community College Bond Issue

       Ralph Simpson & Associates Guilford Technical Community College

       Ralph Simpson & Associates Nancy Susan Reynolds Awards*** documentary

       Ralph Simpson & Associates Redge Hanes/Linda Garrou for State Senate

       Republic Mortgage Insurance Corporation Annual Sales Meeting

       Sara Lee Knit Products Top Flite Retail Introduction

       Sea-Land Service, Inc In-Motion Video Newsletter 1997 I

       Sea-Land Service, Inc John Clancy Town Meeting

       Sea-Land Service, Inc 1996 Sea-Land Soccer Championships

       Sea-Land Service, Inc Buyers Alliance video

       Sea-Land Service, Inc Documentation Solutions

       Sea-Land Service, Inc In-Motion Video Newsletter 1996 I

       Sea-Land Service, Inc In-Motion Video Newsletter 1996 II

       Sea-Land Service, Inc In-Motion Video Newsletter 1997 II

       Sea-Land Service, Inc Intervention Teams Ahead of the Wave

       Sea-Land Service, Inc John Clancy Intervention Teams

       Sea-Land Service, Inc Oracle: Changing Sea-Land for Good

       Sea-Land Service, Inc SeaNet

       Sea-Land Service, Inc Shipment Management

       Sea-Land Service, Inc The I- W@ y

      Sea-Land Service, Inc Message from John Clancy